Why Atlassian Training with Addteq?

At Addteq we have experience in Atlassian training and helping teams take their skill sets to the next level with experts who can deliver product expertise and best practices.

Create efficient workflows

Boost team productivity

Increase the clarity of output by reporting

Streamline business processes

What Atlassian Training Addteq Provide You

Many Atlassian Training programs show you what happens when you click a button. Others guide you to understand the theory without assisting you to learn how to apply what you are considering in Jira or Confluence practically.

Live Jira and Confluence Training

Our training can assist you in taking your abilities to the next level. We design a training process that can help you learn the tools and best use them in various industries and several teams.

In-app Training in Jira

If you want to train your organization at scale or allow your users to know how the tool works. And to answer their questions as they go, learning from Jira is the most effective way.

Live Atlassian Custom Training

We can do bespoke training to support your team in understanding Atlassian practices through our state-of-the-art training.

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Why Choose Us

A global organization that combines efficiency and technical expertise to provide innovative results within the software development lifecycle.

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